Extraits de rapports Américains (1925-2013)

Panama Canal Zone Report, 1925


There is no evidence... that any deleterious influence on the individual using [cannabis]




Siler Commission, Panama Canal Zone Report, 1930


[Reported that cannabis use was harmless, and, having subjected to medico-scientific clinical monitoring, heavy cannabis smoking produced no effect upon motivation or performance.- FCDA Europe Report, 1997]




LaGuardia Commission Report, 1944


[Cannabis smoking] does not lead directly to mental or physical deterioration... Those who have consumed marijuana for a period of years showed no mental or physical deterioration which may be attributed to the drug. 





NIMH Jamaican Study, 1972


No impairment of physiological, sensory and perceptual performance, concept formation, abstracting ability and cognitive style and tests of memory. 




Jamaican Studies, 1975


[Cannabis] is smoked over a longer period in heavier quantities with greater THC potency than in the United States without deleterious social or psychological consequences. 




Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church Study, 1980


[Some participants had smoked at least two to four large cigarettes (each containing 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of cannabis) over 16 hours a day for periods of up to 50 years. - 'Hemp, Lifeline to the Future', C Conrad, 1994]


...the most impressive thing... is the true paucity of neurological abnormalities.


[Heavy cannabis consumers suffered no apparent psychological or physical harm. - - 'Hemp, Lifeline to the Future', C Conrad, 1994] 




Costa Rican Study, 1982


Users in our matched-pair sample smoked marihuana in addition to as many tobacco cigarettes as did their matched non-using pairs. Yet their small airways were, if anything, a bit healthier than their matches. We must tentatively conclude either that marihuana has no harmful effect on such passages or that it actually offers some slight protection against the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.


[Found that there was no distinguishable harm that could be attributed to cannabis usage - 'Hemp, Lifeline to the Future', C Conrad, 1994]



"Relatively few adverse clinical effects from the chronic use of marijuana have been documented in humans. However, the criminalization of marijuana use may itself be a health hazard, since it may expose the users to violence and criminal activity."


The Kaiser Permanente study - "Marijuana Use and Mortality" April 1997 American Journal of Public Health.


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